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This website is designed to further the learning of students in the
Armadale Primary School - Music Program.
The site can be used as a review tool as it: outlines concepts covered in each class,
extends ideas learnt in class, keeps you up to date with your group and has fun games to play!

We hope you enjoy the site and 'grow' musically from using it!
Any feedback or ideas please contact Ms Bree Hartley (Ph: 9399 2200, email: bree.hartley@education.wa.edu.au)

Listen to us sing!

  • Book Awards Assembly singing 17/12/15
Senior Choir singing 'Three Little Birds'('Don't Worry') and Whole school singing 'Reach'

  • 'Music count us in' event: October 29th 2015 'Gold' (whole school singing)

    Whole event (10 minutes including 'speeches' before and after by Ms Hartley_
    Our practise sing through is at the 40 second point
    Our final sing through (at the official Australia-wide sing time) can be found at the 6 minute, 17 seconds point

    (click the grey box)

  • Senior Choir performance at the Hills Heart Beat Festival (March, 2015)
(whole performance (5 songs) - 18 minutes 30 seconds)

  • Music count us in 2014 - whole school singing
(on Thursday 30th October 2014 in the Armadale Primary School Undercover Area)

Track: Whole event (10 minutes including speeches before and after by Ms Hartley and Mr Walpole)

Track: Just the song! (3 minutes)

  • 2014 Senior Dale Fest: our item 'Africa' by Toto sung by our Senior Choir (with rainstorm body percussion beginning!).
Click the track below to listen (need flashplayer plugin):

  • 2014 Junior Dale Fest: our item 'The Cuckoo Clock Duet' sung by our year 3 choir - as well as 'If I had Words' the last community song.
Click the track below to listen (need flashplayer plugin):

  • 2014 ANZAC assembly (25 minutes long)
You can listen to the full ANZAC assembly here
(remember nothing sounds as good recorded as when it's live!):

Songs from the ANZAC Assembly-
  1. In Flander's Field (sung by the Senior Choir) - at 8 minutes and 57 seconds
  2. Hymn to Freedom (sung by the Senior Choir and the Whole School) - at 17 minutes and 30 seconds
  3. Advance Australia Fair (our National Anthem sung by the Whole School) - at 22 minutes and 35 seconds

  • We won the 2012 WA division of the Woolworths Earn and learn singing competition!
the video entry we sent in to the 'Woolworths Earn and Learn song competition' of
our School Song!

  • VISIT THE YEAR 3 PAGE (click the underlined text or the page name on the right of the screen --->) to hear a recording of our 2013 Junior Dale Fest item 'I am a paleontologist'!!

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Virtual Piano
A website that lets you play the piano with your keyboard or mouse, plus it has sheet music to play and you can record yourself!

Virtual Keyboard
Click on the 'Virtual Keyboard' link above to have fun playing a keyboard.
- You can chage the instrument sounds and put in drum beats!
- Compose new songs or try to play songs you know.